Bespoke Concise Integrations

This is product is really hard to explain in words! Imagine a hat, that fits snuggly over the shape of your head, now imagine that hat is not a full hat, but it is made up of ‘strings’ going side to side and front to back – bit like a spiders web or a hairnet – each of these ‘strings’ is covered in human hair to match exactly to your own very fine or thinning hair, and the gaps between these ‘strings’ is where you pull your own hair through, so that your own hair and the hair on the ‘integration’ blend together, making the base (strings) unseen. Thus making your head of hair appear much thicker. We can also add onto this, a piece of fully woven hair, like a wig, perhaps around the front if there is an area of complete hair loss there. This then hides the hair loss area and makes the rest of the head look thicker.

If you think that this product might be for you – please come along and see and try examples of it to get a much better idea of how it might work for you. If you think it is for you, You would have an in-depth, private consultation to decide on the dozens of variables and take all the measurements, to make sure that the integration fits perfectly for you.

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