Bespoke Made to Measure Full Head Wigs

These are the crème de la crème of wigs.

We take a perfect template of your scalp, every bump, angle and shape that is unique to you, and then throughout an extensive private consultation we discuss all the various ways that your wig can be made just for you.

These pieces are made in human hair, and each individual hair is knotted onto the wig by hand. At the first consultation, we choose the wigs base material, the density, the curl strength, the colours, whether you would like high-lites, low-lites, flashes of colour, sizing, length and a myriad of other variables.
We then send away the template and all our choices, and within a few weeks we will have another consultation, where you will see a sample of the hair that has been selected by the wig makers, to make your wig, and you will be able to try on the base before any hair has been attached to it, to check for size and fit. We will make any alterations necessary at this stage, and only after you are 100% happy that everything is as you want it to be, we send it all off then for the final piece to be made.

When the completed wig arrives at The Wig Studio, we will arrange your fitting consultation. At this meeting, we will shampoo the wig, fit it, trim it as necessary and style it to suit you. During this appointment, you will also learn how to shampoo, care for and style the wig yourself at home.

As you can tell, this is not a fast process, it is labour intensive and time consuming, but it is worth it! From first consultation to final fitting for trimming and styling can take from 16 to 22 weeks.

Examples can be seen in the studio, with no obligation.

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