The Little Princess Trust

This is a wonderful charity, run by one of our UK suppliers, in simple terms, what they do is take natural long hair that clients have chosen to have cut off, and make it into wigs for children. The children they make them for are from families that could not otherwise afford to buy a human hair wig for their child with long term hair loss.

We would be delighted to send them any long hair that you are about to loose due to chemotherapy or because of a change of style. It is a good feeling to know that it is going to be ‘put to good use’ and sometimes helps ease the pain of loosing loved long hair.

The hair needs to be longer than 10 inches, and in good condition.

The question often asked is, can my own hair be made into a wig for me, and I’m afraid the answer is no – the reason is that, because of the ‘sorting’ process, the amount of hairs suitable to be used to make a wig from one head would be no where near enough, It in fact takes approximately 7 heads of human hair to make one wig.

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