Bespoke ‘Jigsaw’ Pieces

These are ideal for people with a generally good head of hair, with a permanent ‘patch’ of hair loss, whether it’s from radiotherapy, injury or another reason. As long as the area is healed this will work well. We take a template of the area, so no matter what size or shape the area is, the piece will be a perfect fit. And then, at an in-depth, private consultation, we decide on the dozens of variables, so that your piece will be made to match the colour, density and curl/straightness of your own hair perfectly. Then all you need to do to wear the piece each morning, is simply adhere it to your scalp and style and blend in with your natural hair.

We can also supply tape that will allow the piece to stay in place for a few days at a time – ideal if you are away for the weekend or similar.

The base of the piece is almost invisible when it is adhered to the scalp and it takes away the need to wear a full head wig to hide a small area of hair loss.

Samples can be seen in the studio, with no obligation.

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