Ladies Ready to Wear Wigs

We keep a very extensive range of ready to wear ladies full head wigs in stock at all times. We carry ranges from many respected manufacturers, a lot from The Far East as you would expect, but also from Italy, Spain and America.

The prices range from around £80 to over £500.

There are many reasons why the wigs vary so greatly in price, the fibres used, the construction method of the wig, whether it is hand or machine wefted, a mono-top or lace top, and dozens of other reasons.

We are happy to show you wigs from whichever price range you feel comfortable with. It is an obvious conclusion to come to, that the more you pay the better the quality of the piece, and in almost all cases with wigs this is true. But, sometimes, you will find the price of the wig you prefer surprises you in being much less than you think. So, tell us your upper limit so that we don’t show you anything above that and then it is always advisable to not look at the price whilst making your decision, so that you are not swayed away from the style you prefer because it seems ‘too cheap’!

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